Modern pharmacy offers cure to almost any disease these days. Impotence, on the other hand, has been successfully cured by Viagra, a popular drug by Pfizer pharmaceuticals since, since 1998. It has been sought as a major ED-treatment and affects impotence in a healthy manner. The diamond shaped tablet is taken half an hour before the physical interaction which enhances the sexual experience of the otherwise intensely frustrated man.

The drug is potent enzyme inhibitor of PDE enzyme type 5. It is found extensively in penile tissues, when inhibited, causes immensely increased inflow of blood into corpora cavernosa of penis causing it to engorge to the maximum. cGMP protection instead of production is stimulated by PDE5 inhibition by the drug eventually leading to vasodilatation and subsequent penile erection to relieve impotence..

Possible side effects of the drug include flushing, nasal congestion, dizziness, runny nose, indigestion, visual disturbances and hearing decrease. Do not nitrate containing drugs and erythromycin with Viagra. Take a tablet not more than once in 24 hours of time. Do not take protease inhibitors and beta blockers with Viagra to avoid fatal hypotension. Do not consume alcohol with Viagra not to aggravate dizziness. Take the drug half an hour before sexual activity. Be sure of achieving satisfactory levels of sexual stimulation.

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